Is that deer wearing makeup?

by Lorin Michel Wednesday, January 18, 2017 9:52 PM

For Christmas, Kevin got a new camera. When we were in Paso Robles for Thanksgiving, Roy – who is a photography genius – had Kevin use his Nikon Coolpix to see if he liked it. Both of them also have regular big Nikon cameras, but this is a uni-body, with an amazing zoom, and a large view screen. It puts the old Coolpix, which Roy had, too, to shame. 

At Christmas, Roy and Bobbi gave Kevin his own Coolpix. It’s even the same color as Roy’s, kind of a metallic dark purple. It’s just a great camera, something I could probably even use should I feel the need to take photos with anything other than my iPhone, which works pretty well for me. 

Ever since Christmas, Kevin has been experimenting with the camera, figuring out different settings, and how best to create clear, beautiful photos. He loves it, it’s easy to use, and the photos it takes are really remarkable. The zoom feature is actually better than the zoom lens he currently has for his other Nikon. He’s like a kid in a candy store. 

The other day, we had tremendous fog and he was able to get some wonderful photos of it as it drifted in and up to surround the house. The next day, when it was still cold and damp, he took a great shot of a power plant’s steam as it rose up through the morning and into the clouds. The plant is 15 miles or so away. It looked like a bomb had gone off (a reality that seems to be coming more and more likely… at least after the horror that happens this Friday). 

The following morning, we had deer. At least five of them traversed the back hillside, slowly, deliberately and elegantly. Every time we see them, and it happens fairly frequently, we stop whatever we’re doing and watch them. They’re just beautiful creatures. While Riley whined and wished to be out there with them, Kevin grabbed his camera. He took a bunch of photos as they meandered across the hill, munching and enjoying they day. 

I hadn’t seen the photos until this morning when he downloaded them onto his computer. He called me in and we looked through them. Some were out of focus, some were hard to decipher, others just showed the deer butts as they ascended the hill. But then he happened on one and he stopped. He started to laugh. 

“Is that deer wearing makeup?” he asked. 

I got closer to the screen and it did, in fact, look like she was all deered up for a day on the town. Or hill. 

“It looks like she got ready this morning and is just out, strutting her stuff, showing off how pretty she is,” he said.

She was pretty, and definitely something to celebrate.  

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