Roots and Reds

by Lorin Michel Friday, June 10, 2016 9:05 PM

I love ideas. I love just letting the mind wander and roam to discover what's lurking in the corners and crevices. It never ceases to amaze me what's there.

I love talking to others in a free wheeling environment, where everyone's laughing and sharing and suddenly, an idea takes shape and begins to form. I'm told this is often what happens. I got an email blast a week or so ago from the rescue group where we got Riley. They're celebrating five years. Five years from the time a bunch of them were having dinner and an idea happened.

Today, I was getting my hair cut and colored, a ritual I engage in every five weeks. I have yet another new place that I like very much. It's a sola salon, which are individual salons with sometimes just one proprietor. I had never heard of them until recently.

My friend Julianne, who always looks fabulous, has been getting her hair done there, by Sarah, for at least 15 years. She recommended Sarah. Today was my second time in.

There was one other client when I arrived, sitting with color on her roots. I sat down in the chair and told Sarah that this was good timing because I was going wine tasting next week. This led to a discussion about the different places to taste. California, Washington, here in Southern Arizona. About having a bunch of people together, tasting. Suddenly we were talking about having wine tasting in the salon. Cabs and Color. Chards and Cuts. Sips and Styles. Roots and Reds.

That was it. We were all sold. We planned the entire thing out. It would be on Fridays-only to start, by invitation only. There would be a theme, and because Sarah and her partner don’t have a liquor license, all the clients would bring the wine and everyone would bring an appetizer so that we’d be able to nosh as we were coloring and sipping. We could truly let our hair down even as it was gathered up and lathered up with color. We could laugh and enjoy and simply revel in being a girl.

Naturally Sarah wouldn’t be able to partake in the wine, at least not until everyone who needed a cut had received one. She seemed very good-natured about that. 

The lady who had been in the salon when I arrived, finished before I was done. Her name was Charlene. Lovely. She laughed as she was leaving and told Sarah that it was her responsibility to make sure we were all invited for the first Roots and Reds event. Charlene had recently been to Washington State and shared a house with several others on a wine tasting adventure. She was all in. We were simpatico. 

After she left, Sarah and I continued to talk and laugh and strategize about our idea. We even thought we could eventually offer private label wine. Roots and Reds, Salon Edition, Vintage Right Now.

I don’t know if any of this has any merit or if it was just one of those fun salon conversations that don’t mean anything but serve to make sure everyone is having a good time. It might have been one of those ideas that floats off into the wind once the crowd that thought of it scatters. 

But maybe, just maybe, this will be like the golden retriever rescue group that formed with a single idea, around the dinner table, over wine.

I wonder if it was red…

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