by Lorin Michel Thursday, April 28, 2016 8:40 PM

There are some fascinating things coming out of Oregon these days. [Not to mention the fascinating things going in – Diane and Gene moved there just last month and are in Oregonigal heaven.] 

Yesterday, while surfing I happened to come across something intriguing. I have no idea what I was looking for, or what I was looking at, but suddenly, there they were. Something new for me to focus relentless amounts of energy on all the while knowing that it’s not going to happen. I think it’s the researcher in me. Once I find something that is fascinating, at least to me, I start looking for more and more information. One bit of something will lead me to another bit of nothing but might give me a new keyword to search which ultimately leads me to who knows.

My little sojourn yesterday found something called Nest Caravans. Regular readers know of my ridiculous fascination with Airstream. One of these days, I’m going to get me one of them. But one of them is expensive. Even the smallest, the 16 foot Bambi, starts at $46,000. I don’t care how cute I think a camper is, I am not even going to consider spending that much money. I don’t camp enough. This fascination is more of just that: fascination. Much like how I’m fascinated with politics. I read, I discover. I have no desire to get into the field. I would rather pull my own fingernails out with a pair of plyers.

Nest Caravans are evidently part of the new generation of stylish camping trailers, ones designed for a more luxurious camping experience. This is one of the reasons I’ve been so fascinated with Airstream. I don’t like to camp, not really. But the idea of taking our own little four-star hotel room along with us when we go on a road trip is kind of cool. 

The Nest is sleek and made of fiberglass so it’s extremely lightweight. It’s a single piece, something they call a monocoque shell, on a small powder-coated steel tube frame on two wheels. It’s built for two (and maybe a dog) and it’s interior, which is small, includes a queen-size bed (even Airstream doesn’t have that) with a spring mattress, a stainless-steal cooktop, a fridge/freezer and a stainless steel sink. There is a very small bathroom, integrated solar panels for power, lots of electrical power, USB ports and dimmer switches on the interior cabin lighting, so important when one is camping. It also has an air conditioner, a smoke detector and a propane gas detector. All of this inside a cabin that’s about six and a half feet high.

The Nest is the brainchild of designer Robert Johans who started a trailer restoration business called The Egg Plant in 2006. His work on other trailers led him to design his own and the Nest Caravan was born. In Bend, Oregon. 

I was absolutely intrigued, especially when I found out that it could be completely customized, from exterior paint color to match your tow vehicle, to the interior. Sign me up. Let’s get one.

Only one problem. I couldn’t find any information past summer of 2015. I started thinking that maybe I’d found something that I absolutely, positively, no question HAD TO HAVE only to then discover that it was impossible because Nest didn’t seem to be available. Anywhere. 

Researcher that I am, I kept looking. And looking. One search term led me to another led me to another until I found this headline on The Small Trailer Enthusiast, April 2016: “Airstream Acquires NEST Caravans.” Because of course they did. I have loved Airstream, want one of their Bambi Sports, and now they’re going to manufacture these even smaller, lighter trailers.

Something to nest in and celebrate.

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