I love my washing machine. Is that wrong?

by Lorin Michel Saturday, February 6, 2016 7:08 PM

When husband #1 and I bought our first townhouse, a small three story in Northridge, in 1987, we had to buy appliances. It was the first time we’d had to do that, since when you rent, most rentals come with the requisite stove, refrigerator, sometimes a microwave and occasionally a dishwasher. We bought everything used because we couldn’t afford anything new. When we bought our first house, just over a year later, it was brand new so we did get to pick appliances to install, at least for the kitchen. It was part of the price, similar to the color of the carpet and the countertop tile. We brought our used almond-colored washer and dryer with us. The laundry area was in the garage so I didn’t care, and it worked just fine. 

After we got divorced, I took the washer and dryer with me since the house he was renting had both. I needed them for the townhouse I bought. They continued to work great for several years. Then came January 17, 1994 when the earth shook and Southern California broke into a million pieces. At least that’s how it felt. In addition to all of my crystal dying a shattering death, my washer and dryer were also inexplicably killed. I never understood how since they were both locked inside a small room off of my patio, next to my hot water heater.

I got two new used pieces to replace them. They were barely used, or mostly new which is how I chose to think of them. They were new to me, made by Whirlpool, both white and a bit more modern. Neither was big but they were big enough, even when I once again became two when Kevin moved in. Those two pieces moved with us into our Oak Park home and served us well for another 16 years. We never had a problem with either of them. 

But when we moved to Tucson, we sold them. The house we were renting had a full laundry room including a decent washer and dryer. They weren’t great but they washed our clothes. When we finally moved into this house, we had the opportunity to get everything brand spanking new, including the washer and dryer. We had a budget, of course, and all of our appliances needed to fit into the budget. We couldn’t get the big, fancy washers and dryers that are offered now. The front loading washers; the dryers big enough to put small children or big dogs inside. We went with GE everything and went to a showroom to pick out the refrigerator, the double wall oven, the microwave, the cook top and the dishwasher. We purchased the washer and dryer, sight unseen, based on what money we still had in the budget which wasn’t a lot. I think there was about $1000 left for both. If you’ve done any shopping lately for a washer and dryer you know that each one can cost more than that.

The thing is, they all do the same thing. And there is just Kevin and I. And we don’t have a need for anything fancy.

I was pleasantly surprised when they were delivered and installed. They were bigger than I thought they’d be. They were shiny white which is OK. I would have preferred stainless but they weren’t available in stainless in our price range.

They are my first new washer and dryer. I’m in my early 50s now. I feel like I’ve finally grown up. I don’t have to buy used appliances. Yee haw! 

They have the added benefit of being pretty cool. New washers these days don’t have a center agitator, or at least this one doesn’t. It’s a big stainless steel tub that agitates by swishing the clothes around rather than by twisting them around a center stalk. I love that. It’s much less wear and tear on my sweatpants. As I loaded up the washer this morning with fleece jackets and vests, I thought these very simple words: I love my washing machine. Then I thought quickly: Is that wrong? I’ll just say this, if loving my washer is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

Sitting here at my eat-at bar, typing away, and listening to my washer washing it out loud. Life is clean this beautiful Saturday afternoon.

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