My infatuation with Airstream continues or does it

by Lorin Michel Friday, August 28, 2015 11:00 PM

I wrote a week or so ago about my infatuation with the idea of getting an Airstream. A travel trailer. When I told Justin, he almost spit out his wine. “You don’t even like to camp,” he said, laughing. He’s right. I don’t like to camp. But taking a four-star room along with you could be kind of fun. I think it’s called glamping.

Since I wrote that original post, my infatuation has not abated. I honestly thought it might. After all, my desire to watch I am Cait has not returned. It was a brief infatuation, but the airstream thing seems to have legs. I even bought a book about restoring them. It arrived a week or so ago. I’ve looked at the photos a number of times. Kevin picked it up over the weekend and he was intrigued.

While he was looking through and reading me passages – “Listen to this.” – I was online, playing. I’ve taken to looking at Craig’s List and RVTrader to see if there are any new junkers for sale. We’re not ready for one, even if we were to decide to embark on this adventure. But it’s fun to look.

I found a blog that I’m now following, called The Small Small Trailer. This couple in Oregon bought an airstream Bambi, just like we’re thinking of. None of their friends or family could understand why, but they just had a desire. She’s been blogging about their weekend trips for several years and taking pictures – “Look at this.” – to document the sites where they’ve stopped for the night or for the weekend.

We’re going to look at one today, a small small trailer. Not to buy it but to see if it really is something we might eventually want to do. To see the size of it, the comfort of it; the bathroom of it.

The review begins in the next paragraph.

It’s now 8:30 p.m. and we’ve returned from our adventure. We’ve showered; we have wine poured. Kevin is cooking chicken wings, Riley is playing with Wubba and I’m blogging a review of what we found.

There’s a place here in Tucson called Lazy Days, down by the airport. It’s not in an especially great area of town. Anything near airports usually isn’t. It’s located on the corner of Irvington and Country Club. It’s absolutely crawling with RVs and travel trailers. But they’re the only Airstream dealer in Tucson. We pulled in around 5 knowing that they close at 6, and walked toward the front door.

One of the last scenes in Jerry Maguire has Jerry finally realizing how much he loves Dorothy. She stands and listens as he tells her that he misses his wife, and she finally shuts him down. “Stop. You had me at hello.” That’s how I felt when we walked in. It’s a beautiful show room, and there aren’t even any trailers or RVs inside. It was all tile and stone, with different rooms, ice cold lemon water to drink and a friendly receptionist who, when we told her we really just wanted to look and see if it was something we even like, simply motioned us toward the Airstreams in the lot and told us to browse through them as long as we’d like.

Right out the door was a Bambi Flying Cloud 19’ – “ooh, a Bambi.” – and we went inside. It was small but not as small as I expected. There was a stove and mini convection oven, a place to dine to the right as we stepped into the trailer, a short, narrow hallway to the back where the relatively small bed was. The bathroom was next to it. I opened the door and was pleasantly surprised to see a shower with a door rather than just a wet bath, which is what the Sport has. We found one of those on the second level down. Very cute, but very tiny. Almost too tiny. We went into a larger model, a 23’ and it was much nicer. The bed was a bit bigger (queen size I think) and not crammed into a corner. You could actually walk around it. The kitchen area was also bigger. The sink had a round cutting board over it for more counter space, easily removed when you need to use the sink.

These trailers are actually extraordinary. They’re built so well, so solidly. Even the tiny Sport, which we eventually found, is amazing. The rivets are all hand-done. The entire thing is built by hand in a factory in Ohio. To date, the factory has built over 100,000 since 1931 and 61% are still on the road today.

We talked to a salesman named Dave Montijo, a great, low-key guy who took us into the showroom in the back to see a 2015 model that’s on sale. He showed us how it all works, how the awning unfolds, how the extra sleeping works by folding down the table top and removing the back pillows. Kevin took it all in. At one point he whispered “Which one did McDreamy have?” A reference to Grey’s Anatomy. These contraptions are true works of art, geniusly conceived. They think of everything.

The place was amazing, the salesman easy going, and the trailers themselves were so cool. I was infatuated before; perhaps now even more so. I’m not sure about the small Sport anymore, though. It’s a little too small. But the next size up was ideal.

We’re thinking we might rent one first, take a small trip, see if we like the idea of camping, of glamping. If we do, then we’ll get serious about doing this. If we don’t, then we move on.

But my infatuation continues. I think it would be a great deal of fun. And for now, we both feel that way. We’re both ready to live it out loud on the road, hauling a trailer. Who wudda thunk?

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