A window sill or dozens at nose view

by Lorin Michel Friday, June 12, 2015 8:49 PM

Being able to look out our many windows at the vast and wild desert is one of our great pleasures these days. The back of our house is almost entirely glass and there is a view from every room. Even the dining room and kitchen, which technically are in the front of the house, have great views because they have windows that look to the north and up the great climbing and rocky hill behind us. They are also open to the southern windows. Those rooms might actually be the best because their views go on nearly infinitely to the north and to the south.

I sit in my office sometimes and I can’t help but stare outside. I can see other houses in the distance, I watch the birds swoop down and soar out to land atop one of the hundreds of saguaros. I see rabbits and desert squirrels, deer and lizards. The sun shifts, shadows change. In the distance, the sun glances off the downtown buildings. It’s quite something.

I know Kevin does the same in his office, though he faces more to the east which is a bit more sparse in the civilization department. There are several houses, dirt roads occasionally travelled by cars and delivery vehicles, dust storms trailing behind. Desert floral and fauna nearly as far as he can see. Two mountain ranges are in his view, one running to the east, from north to south, the other south, running east to west.

We see all of this without leaving our chairs.

Lately, we’ve also been noticing an interesting phenomenon. The windows have been fairly clean. Kevin cleaned them before his brother and sister-in-law came for Memorial Day weekend.  The glass was so clear it almost looked as if there was no glass. This is what, apparently, also confuses the birds who continue to try to fly through. We’ve actually had one fatality. One attempted to go through the bathroom window at what must have been warp speed. He crashed, and unfortunately didn’t make it. The other day it rained and some of that blew onto the glass so we now have some rain spots. Not too many; enough to show we had some weather.

But down below, just above the window sill, there are what can only be described as nose prints. These same prints also appear on the French doors, the ones leading from all of the bedrooms out onto the deck, and the ones in the great room. There are nose prints in the dining room, facing north, and in the breakfast nook facing south. There are nose prints in the master bedroom windows and in my office; in the guest room and Kevin’s office. The front door, our beautifully contemporary and custom iron door designed by Roy, is covered, too.

The culprit is one Mr. Riley Michel. It seems that he too enjoys a good view. He especially enjoys a good view of lizards and gila monsters and rabbits and bugs. Oh, how he loves bugs. He stands at the window, which is the perfect height for him. So much so that he often rests his head on the window sill. And when he rests his head, his nose presses up against the glass. Slobber ensues. When he stands close to the doors, he puts his nose against the glass there, too. More slobber. We have slobber from one end of the house to the other. Luckily the window slobber does nothing to obscure our views.

He has a window(s) to the world and a plethora of window sills at nose level, and he’s busy nose-printing and slobbering out loud.

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