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by Lorin Michel Saturday, March 7, 2015 7:34 PM

This morning, I made my husband a bagel with two fried eggs, ham and cheese all melted and gooey. He was heading out to the house to do some work on the media cabinet. We have this wonderful space, a big square hole in the wall complete with a glass door but there are no shelves inside. Makes it hard for the audio equipment to function properly and we’re not big on simply stacking the CD changer on top of the receiver and the DVR on top of the CD and the turn table on top of that. It’s inefficient and doesn’t allow the equipment to breathe. The receiver, which runs a lot because we play music nearly all the time, gets quite warm and needs to vent. Probably why the top of the machine actually comes with vents.

Kevin has been crafting the shelves here, or at least the frame for the shelves which he wants to install today. He has two pieces of 2” X 1” alder that he has cut to size and drilled with holes, and a piece of some other kind of board that I can’t remember the name of. He’ll attached the some other kind of boards across the bottom and the top of each side of the cabinet. That way he can screw them into studs for strength and support. The two alder pieces, which is actually four since he has two for each side, will then slip into the grooves he cut out of the some other kind of board and be secured to the wall using wall anchors. We have left over shelving material that was used for all of the closets in the house. He’ll measure and cut those for the shelves and then attach these brass pieces that then attach to whatever holes we choose, making them adjustable.

You can tell I’m obviously very well versed in the art of hardware and building things.

Last night we set the program button on the coffee maker for 6 a.m. At 6:20, his alarm went off which he promptly turned off before rolling over. Not quite ready for the day to begin. But by 7, we were both up. He was loading up the Porsche which this weekend is playing the role of pick-up truck, and I was busy making the aforementioned bagel.

I slipped the bagel into the toaster to do its initial toasting while butter melted in the frying pan. I cracked two eggs and quickly broke the yolks, added a bit of fresh ground pepper. Then I took two pieces of ham and dropped them into the same skillet where they proceeded to hiss and pop. I’ll never completely understand why ham and Canadian bacon do that. Flipped the eggs, and then put the ham on one egg, topped with a slice of cheddar and then put the other egg on top of that. Turned the heat to low while said cheese melted. Pushed the bagel halves back down for another, darker toast. When they popped, I buttered them, scooped the egg concoction out and placed it on one bagel half, topped it with the other half, sliced in half, wrapped it in foil. To go.

The whole time I was doing this, I was seeing a vision of an old farmer and his wife. Grizzled and bent, he’s getting ready to go out for the day, the tractor warming up in the field while his wife, curlers in her hair, and wrapped in a thread bare bathrobe stands over an iron skillet. A scoop of lard drops, hisses and splatters, freshly gathered eggs sizzle, a big thick slice of ham browning. The dutiful wife making her man a meal so that he can eat before he starts work.

I’ve seen too many movies I suppose but I couldn’t shake the image, and it made me smile. I was in sweats, and my hair wasn’t in curlers, the tractor was a high performance German sports car and the only thing really grizzled about my husband is the gray that dominates his beard. We’re the urban equivalent I suppose. No matter what century or decade you live in, no matter where, no matter the chores at hand, we make each other meals and we go about our day. There’s something reassuring about that, something that on this Saturday when I had a vision of me in a farm kitchen, I’m celebrating.


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3/7/2015 7:56:40 PM #

Yeah...I want one of those next time I visit... Smile

Pam Marcin United States

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