Oh, no. Not Isis.

by Lorin Michel Friday, February 13, 2015 10:01 PM

In Egyptian mythology, the goddess Isis was worshipped as the ideal mother and wife. She embraced nature and magic and was a friend to slaves, sinners, artists and especially those down on their luck. She was also known to listen to the prayers of the wealthy, of maidens, of aristocrats and rulers. Her name means “throne” and she’s still revered. Sometimes she has wings so she can fly like the wind. She travels like a bird as she soars toward the heavens.

I’ve never thought much about Isis one way or another, but I looked her up today because of Downton Abbey.

I am an intermittent fan of the show. I enjoy it when I watch, though I’ve never been as rabid a fan as some. My mother is more so than I. It’s on Sunday night, and there are too many things on Sunday to watch. Sunday nights in the fall are usually populated by Sunday Night Football. Once football is over, we like Madam Secretary and The Good Wife. When we miss those, we catch up on-demand.

Kevin isn’t remotely interested in Downton Abbey, though when he does see some and Maggie Smith is on, he watches. He loves her one-liners. When I watch the show, it’s during the week, online while I’m doing something for work that doesn’t require a great deal of creativity. It’s hard to watch something and write.

This season, I watched the first episode of Downton and it irritated me. It seemed to be introducing too much and I didn’t care. I’m tired of Lady Edith’s heartbreak. Nothing good ever seems to happen to the woman. Lady Mary is kind of a kick. At first, I didn’t like her much but now I find her fun and sassy and the most lively of the bunch. When she’s on screen, I enjoy the show. The only other character I like is the insufferable Lord Grantham’s dog, Isis.

Isis is a white Labrador. It’s her wiggly butt that is the first thing seen on the credits of the show. Granted she has a relatively small part of the show and virtually no dialogue but she is still a presence. And Robert, also known as the insufferable Lord Grantham, absolutely adores her. In what I think was the second episode of this season, when Edith set fire to the house and Robert raced through to save everyone. But the first thing he yelled was “get the dog!”

He obviously has never watched other movies and television shows because if he did, he would know that the dog never dies. They survive earthquakes, tornadoes and volcanoes, even most killers. See Dante’s Peak and Scruffy who runs off into the burning mountain being slowly consumed by molten lava. Sure enough, as the heroes are driving across lava with their wheels on fire, there’s the dog, in the middle of a lava field, on a rock. Singed by alive.

Dogs and kids rarely die in television and movies.

But Isis is listless, and I just know the writing is on the castle. Her time is coming to an end. As I watched this last episode, I found myself dreading the next. I don’t like it when the dog dies. The first season of Downton took place in 1912. This season, we’re in 1924. That’s twelve years, which means lovely Isis, the doggess of the Abbey, is 12, 84 in people years. In the early part of the 20th century, human medicine wasn’t that advanced let alone veterinary medicine. The fact that she’s 12 does not bode well for 1924 England.

Like the Egyptian goddess, Isis was a friend to all, regardless of stature. Soon, she will become the wind and soar towards the heavens where the rainbow bridge awaits. Oh, Isis. I hate to see you go. All I can say is there better be a new puppy trotting through the halls that Grantham built and by next season or I may be done with the show once and for all.

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