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by Lorin Michel Tuesday, December 2, 2014 9:32 PM

Last week I finally broke down and upgraded the operating system on my iPhone. I’m still using my trusty 4S. It’s been a great phone and while I’m due for an upgrade and plan to get a new 6, I’m in no rush. I’ll get around to it sometime after the first of the year. I had put off upgrading because I had heard it wasn’t a great system, that it screwed up the organization and made some apps not work the way they’re supposed to. But we were driving to Paso and would be in the car during the Bears-Lions game on Thursday and during the Patriots-Packers game on Sunday. I wanted to be able to stream both through the rental car’s radio and the app, Tunein, only works with the upgraded system. So I upgraded.

The weather app on the 4S was sufficient but rather pedestrian. Kevin’s phone is a Galaxy 4 and his weather app was far superior. When mine would say that it was sunny and 70, Kevin’s would have a more detailed breakdown by the hour. My new operating system has a spectacular weather app. It now changes location based on where I am. It gives a detailed weather breakdown by the hour. It gives me sunrise and sunset, the amount of humidity, the chance of rain.

In addition to my current location, I also have programmed in weather for Oak Park, California and Amherst, New Hampshire. I used to have New York when Justin was there but he’s kind of all over the place now so I got rid of that location. I like to see what’s happening elsewhere, and especially in places where I love. Last week, right before Thanksgiving, Amherst showed snow. Literally. The app, which is gray for when there’s weather, dark for when it’s night and blue for a pretty day, was gray with snow falling in the background. It was actually very cool. Cooler than Kevin’s weather app.

Today, our local weather shows mostly sunny. The background of the app is blue. It’s raining in Oak Park, gray. A steady stream of drops behind the temperature. I’m a bit jealous.

Regardless of the sunny disposition of the app, it’s cloudy and gray. It looks like snow but you’d never know it from the phone. It feels cold even though it’s not. There’s something about this kind of weather that always makes me cold. I’ve been in a sweatshirt and sweatpants all day. I’ve watched the sky get progressively darker, watched the weather rolling in. According to my app, we may get some rain tomorrow. But wait two hours and the app will change again.

Either way it looks like weather and at this time of year, it’s welcome. It seems more Christmasy when it’s cloudy and cool, when it’s raining. I’ll keep watching my app, keep watching for rain. It’s a good app; I like it better than the one on the old operating system.

Now if I could get Tunein to actually work, since it didn’t, I’d be happy. Maybe on the iPhone 6.


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