In which my husband finally gets a hair cut

by Lorin Michel Thursday, October 16, 2014 8:24 PM

I get my hair cut every five to six weeks. I should always adhere to five weeks but that doesn’t always work. By the time six weeks rolls around, my hair is completely out of shape. The layers are grown out, the ends frizz a bit. And then there’s the color. Every six weeks I get to become a new woman.

My husband does not share my affinity for every five to six weeks. He stretches his out to four months, sometimes more. He has been known to drag it out to five or six months. He keeps his hair relatively short, and it doesn’t grow as fast as mine, but still, after several months, he looks, well, like he needs a haircut.

When we used to see Tammy, our friend and the woman who cut both of our hair for years, he would go fairly often. Not every time I went but every other time. Tammy did a good job cutting his hair. She never charged us for either cut or color because we’ve known each other for so long and because Kevin made a mean martini, something she loved to partake in on Friday nights when she could join us. We always left a huge tip, but my husband is frugal. If he doesn’t have to spend money, he doesn’t. I call it cheap. He calls it smart. The illusion that he didn’t really have to pay for his hair cut allowed him to get it cut more often. Plus, he liked to talk with Tammy. It was always a fun trip.

Now, we go through months of me saying “you need a haircut,” and him saying “I know. I’ll make an appointment.” That progresses to me saying “it’s starting to flip and curl at the ends,” something I know he hates, and him saying “I know” followed by a sigh. “I really need to make an appointment.” Finally, “Honey, do you want me to braid it, or would you rather pull it back into a pony tail?” Ha. “Fine. I’ll make an appointment.”

Today was the appointment. He left here just before 1 for a 1 o’clock appointment. He likes the lady who cuts his hair now because she’s cheap. I’m sorry; inexpensive. But she doesn’t do a very good job. It’s shorter, which is good, but it doesn’t have the same sense of style that it always had with Tammy. He also won’t have this new stylist color his hair and he likes to hide the gray, so I’ve been coloring it with L’Oreal Excellence. It looks pretty decent. When Tammy was visiting a few weeks ago, she actually commented on the color saying she thought it looked good.

I’ve asked him to try my stylist, but he doesn’t want to pay the money. And as long as he’s getting it cut, I’m fine.

He was back within 40 minutes, with shorter locks and a bit more style. “I had to tell her three times to take more off,” he said as he also informed me that he thought it looked pretty good. “Not as good as when Tammy did it. She knew what to do with this” – he indicated the top of the sides, where his hair is starting to recede. “But it’s not bad. She also cut off all the gray.”

I started to laugh. You can’t really cut gray off, I pointed out. Gray comes in at the root. “It does?” “Yes. That’s why women are forever having their roots done.”

A light went on. Of course.

“So this weekend, maybe you can color my hair?” he asked. “To hide the gray that didn’t get cut off.”

I’ll be glad to. Anything so that he looks pretty like he wants. And he does. He looks downright stylish with his new cut. Handsome. It will have to last another four or five months, too, so that’s a good thing.

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10/17/2014 12:08:07 PM #

There is a lot going on between now and the new year. I hope it holds for all the upcoming photo ops!

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