The healing power of the scrambled egg

by Lorin Michel Wednesday, October 8, 2014 10:36 PM

Cooper hasn’t been his normal hound dog self when it comes to eating, which is, I suppose, an insult to hound dogs and I don’t mean it that way. I love all dogs equally. Well, maybe not chihuahuas, but still. Hound dog usually implies aggressive, in your face, power eater. This is how Cooper usually eats. He powers through his food. We have to make him sit while we put the food into his bowl or he’s already eating it as it’s pouring from the scoop. The last few days, though, he’s been largely uninterested. With the exception of his Zuke’s hip action cookie (with glucosamine and condroitin), he’s hardly touched it.

I worry. When my boy starts doing something out of the ordinary, out of character, and out of routine, I get concerned. Dogs are all about routine. The walk happens at the same time each day. We go on the same route. We come in the same door. We go to the same place so the leash can be removed. A drink is had while food is being scooped. All of this has happened. It’s the food being scooped part where the routine begins to change.

I put food in his bowl last night, topped with the hip cookie. He ate the hip cookie. This morning, the food was still in the bowl so I put a hip cookie on top. He ate the hip cookie. Worried.

He’s not acting sick at all. He trots along quite merrily on his walks, doing his usual sniff and pee and go. He’s been playing with his toys. He races through the house carrying wubba and then whips the poor guy back and forth a few times, throwing him up in the air. Sometimes he catches wubba, but not always. This, too, is fairly normal.

So this morning, because of the worried thing, I decided he had to have something to eat other than glucosamine and condroitin, so I did what any dog-mom would do. I scrambled him an egg. It’s morning after all.

There’s something about a scrambled egg that just seems to heal the soul if not the tummy, especially where dogs are concerned. When we had Maguire and he would be having an off-day, I always scrambled him an egg which he would scoff down. If he was really sick, I would boil some chicken. It always seemed to calm his stomach. When he had his seizures and was still in the emergency hospital, I boiled some chicken and took it to him. I think I convinced myself that he would eat it. I thought that if he did, then he would get better. He had never turned down boiled chicken in the 15 years we’d had him. He turned it down that day, and we lost him several days later.

Cooper is not nearly as sick as Maguire. In fact, I’m not sure he’s sick at all. But there’s something off, and in my capacity as puppy mom, I figured that it could maybe be healed with a scrambled egg.

Just one egg. A touch of half and half, a sprinkle of cheddar cheese, scrambled up in just a little bit of butter. It’s bland. It’s warm. But it’s comforting. Cooper sat and watched me scramble. He waited while I put the concoction on a plate and waited a bit more while it cooled. Then he slurped it all up, ran his face against the wall to wipe his whiskers, and settled down for a nap. I have no idea if it will help him feel better. For all I know, he’ll hold out for the boiled chicken for dinner.

Like his predecessor, he has me completely wrapped around his little paw. And unsurprisingly, I’m just fine with that.

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10/9/2014 3:40:19 AM #

I hate when they're sick. Hope he's better soon.

Khris United States

10/9/2014 8:29:17 AM #

Awwww. Coop!

Pam United States

10/9/2014 11:58:10 AM #

I love that you scrambled in some cheese and butter. That must have made all the difference. He is a cheese lover.

Poor baby. Roy thinks it's because he misses us. I imagine it's just gas. ;)

Bobbi United States

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