In which Lorin is terribly late getting a post written and doesn’t really have a topic because she’s tired and uncreative and decides to try stream-of-consciousness writing

by Lorin Michel Thursday, July 24, 2014 10:31 PM

Hey, if James Joyce could do it with Ulysses

I think one of my favorite meals is pasta. I don’t care what kind of sauce or what shape the noodles. I love it and could eat it for every dinner-time meal.

I’m making Spaghetti Carbonara tonight a la Lorin which means I’m following no particular recipe or rule. This means everybody in the pool.

I’m not a big fan of pools. I have no desire to have one. The only place I like them is when I’m in a high-end resort. I think sometimes that pools with too many kids can be unhealthy for reasons I won’t go into here. Suffice it to say that they can feel dirty.

I don’t like bathtubs either. I don’t find lying in water that gets dirtier by the minute soothing or restful.

We looked at bathtubs today, for the master bath. If we had our way, we wouldn’t have a bathtub in the master bath. But bathtubs make the bath “full,” which is good for resale. In the entire time we had the house in Oak Park, I might have used the tub once. Since we’ve been in our rental, for the last year, we’ve never used the tub and we have a spa-tub.

I’m not big on spas. I’ve never had a massage and have no desire to have one. Bobbi loves massages. She gets them all the time. I find them creepy but realize that’s just me. Unlike many, I wouldn’t miss them if they weren’t on every corner in Beverly Hills or Scottsdale.

I miss my friends. Terribly.

I miss my family. Deeply.

I still miss Maguire and always will, even though Cooper has wormed his way into my heart.

Photo b Jessica Trinh

I have the song “Happy” in my head, and have had for days. I can’t shake it. “Because I’m happy, Clap your hands, if you feel like a room without a roof. Clap your hands, if you feel that happiness is the truth.”

I’ve been singing it all day with different lyrics. “Because I’m Cooper, Wag your tail, if you think you’re a dog that has it all. Wag your tail, if you wish somebody would throw the ball.”

Cooper doesn’t seem to like the song. But he’s still a happy boy, wagging his tail.

Kevin is not a happy boy this week. Definitely not wagging.

I am happy most of the time. I am unhappy tonight because my husband is stubborn. He’s cleaning the kitchen as I write this even though I asked him not to. Bending, turning, stretching. He’ll pay for it in the morning, when his back is a disaster, which means I’ll pay for it and that makes me mad.

I don’t like being mad because then I’m not happy. If I’m not happy, I’m not singing though if I’m not singing maybe I can get that song out of my head.

Because I’m happy…

As I was saying, if James Joyce could do it with Ulysses and have it be one of the greatest books of all time, at least according to academic scholars, who knows what heights to which this post will scale? I predict 5 feet, tops. Just enough to live it out loud.

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7/25/2014 4:41:07 AM #

Go Gurl!!!!

Larissa United States

7/25/2014 5:36:38 AM #

I miss you daily.

Khris United States

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