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by Lorin Michel Wednesday, May 7, 2014 9:43 PM

Meet Kevin and Lorin Michel, a couple of pranksters who are as fiercely devoted to each other and their lives together as they are to being homebodies. They both work at home. Days go by when the only reason they leave is to walk the dog or themselves. So the introduction of a SmartTV into their lives along with a high speed internet connection to stream Hulu and Netflix has made them very happy, shiny people.

Netflix in particular has become one of their closest friends because it allows them to do things like binge-watch some of the television shows they’ve missed in the past, shows that are highly acclaimed, in many cases award-winning, and are now available to stream. And since there is painfully little worth watching on regular television these days save for The Good Wife and The Blacklist, and probably the reboot of 24, though they haven’t yet seen that, and since they get very tired of watching reruns of Law & Order: SVU and have given up on NCIS since Cote de Pablo left, they have found solace elsewhere.

It is on Netflix where they have met Claire and Frank Underwood of House of Cards, Stella Gibson on The Fall, and Kurt Wallander on Wallander. They have all become good friends. Into this mix has finally come Walter White, the high school chemistry teacher who uses his skills to cook a mean batch of meth and is thus, Breaking Bad.

Jiminy Crickets and then some.

Justin, the couple’s erstwhile seafaring son, is the owner of the Netflix account but he is allowed to have several people piggyback on. One is Justin’s good friend Wallaby, a buddy from the University of Arizona; the other is “mom & dad.” Since the son is currently on the Sun and has precious little internet access and since streaming is forbidden on the ship anyway, he is not using his account. Not sure if Wallaby is. But mom and dad have been enjoying the hell out of it. The mom part of the equation has made a mental note to thank said seafaring son when they see him on the Sun next Tuesday.

So Walter. Whoa.

There was nothing on Sunday night and since the couple doesn’t ever get the chance to watch The Good Wife during its regularly scheduled time and instead watches it OnDemand on Tuesday, they decided to fire up Netflix. One of the recommended shows for them, based on some of what they’ve watched in the past, was Breaking Bad. It has also been recommended by good friends Roy and Bobbi and just about anyone else who has ever watched it. But when the show was on during its actual televised run, the couple didn’t want to jump in not knowing how it started. Part of the reason was that R & B had tried to do that and said it was horrible. “You really have to start from the beginning to know what’s going on.”

So start from the beginning they did. Now a scant four episodes in, they are completely hooked. This morning on their bike ride, another occasional foray out of the house, Kevin was unusually quiet which usually indicates there is something fairly major on his mind. The couple pulled to a stop at the place on the path where they always stop to suck down some water and take a brief break before journeying back in the same direction. It’s near a dog park. Dozens of dogs of all sizes were racing around, chasing balls and each other. One little guy came over to the fence, near where the couple was standing, straddling their bikes. He watched them for a second or two, then barked as if to say if you don’t have dogs you’re not welcome.

Finally Kevin spoke: “What do you supposed happened to Crazy Eight?”

“Well, he’s dead. Walt killed him in the basement with the bike lock, remember?”

“Yes, but what happened to his BODY?”

This is why they will continue to watch, to find out how Walt disposed of Crazy Eight, since the drug dealer is on the DEA’s radar, as is his cousin, but they know what happened to him. He was dissolved. Of course, the DEA doesn’t know that.

The show is nasty, un-redemptive and absolutely brilliant. They are finally Breaking Bad. Just in time for some good summertime bingeing. Four episodes down, 58 to go. They’re already addicted, and celebrating such extraordinary storytelling. Plus they need to find out about Crazy Eight, and Walt’s health, and if Skylar will stick with him, and about Jesse’s kid brother who’s breaking a little bad, too. Jiminy. 

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5/9/2014 5:04:56 AM #

I love Breaking Bad. Now I'm looking forward to The Leftovers(HBO) Crazy how we get addicted to these shows. Smile

Khris United States

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