Invoice therapy

by Lorin Michel Tuesday, May 6, 2014 10:34 PM

I’ve had one of those days where I have too much to do and no energy to do any of it, and no creativity to create. This is a problem when one creates for a living. I have this problem at least once a week. I work 12 – 14 hours a day and sometimes I don’t sleep well and after several days of working like a nut and sleeping like a baby – which, let’s be honest, should not be a metaphor for sleeping well because babies are up all the time. I use it here as a metaphor for being up too often, and without feedings – I stumble into my office as I suck down the first of too many cups of coffee. I fire up by Mac and in the few seconds it takes for that to spring to life in all of its symphonic glory, I turn on the PC. I always have both going because I need the PC for the content management work I do on four hospital websites and I never know when or if I’m going to need it so I turn it on just in case. Four days out of five, I need it, some days more than others.

While the PC finds its way from sleep to morning, taking an interminable amount of time to finally get to where it’s useable, I sign into iChat, then begin checking my four email accounts. I answer a few that need answering right away, then I peruse several website. I click through The Animal Rescue site, clicking to give free kibble; the Breast Cancer site, clicking to give free mammograms to underprivileged women; the literacy site, clicking for books for kids. I check the news, sometimes I look at Facebook, sometimes I forget. I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with Facebook. I love to see what’s happening with my friends, but sometimes I find it too full of stuff I don’t care about, at least not at that moment.

I have found myself taking these ridiculous quizzes on Facebook lately, though. Last week it was what 70s celebrity would you be and I was Cher, based on my answers. Bobbi took one of the quizzes today, one about your dream profession, and she posted that she would be a writer. She’s a good writer. We’ve written together and talk often about writing together again. But I chuckled a bit. Right now she spends all of her time therapizing, but she should be a writer. I clicked to take the quiz myself.

Then my smile faded as I thought what if I shouldn’t be a writer? What if I should drive a garbage truck or be an electrician, neither of which appeal to me in the least. What if I should be an architect or a lawyer? Again, yuck. What if the quiz told me I should be a therapist? I like being a writer. I can’t imagine being anything else.

I took the quiz. I should be a writer. Phew. Crisis averted.

That would have been the high point of my day but then, after too much time doing nothing, I decided to do some invoicing. I’m already late for the month. It should have been done over the weekend but I’m sure something came up. I just can’t remember what it might have been. When one works for herself, invoicing is paramount to liquidity. If I don’t invoice, I don’t get paid. And if I don’t get paid, I can’t pay the bills. It’s that simple.

So I engaged in a bit of invoice therapy today. I wasn’t doing much of anything else which always makes me feel guilty. Invoicing assuaged some of that. It was a bit like therapy.

I’m not a therapist but I’m writing a book with my sister and perhaps another soon with Bobbi. I engaged in some invoice therapy. Maybe I’m a therapist after all.

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