I am a good boy I am a good boy I am a good boy

by Lorin Michel Sunday, April 6, 2014 10:56 PM

Guest post by Cooper

When I first came to live with my mom and dad, I had already lived with a lot of people and I guess I just thought I wouldn’t be with them very long. I’ve been here now a pretty long time, almost my whole life, and I really like it. I like them, too. I especially like my mom. I’m not supposed to say that because I’m not supposed to have a favorite but I just like being with my mom better than being with just about anybody, even Wubba.

I get in trouble sometimes but not really bad trouble. Like I don’t dig or anything in the backyard probably because I don’t spend very much time there. I like it. It’s just that if I’m in the backyard, I’m not with my mom and I really like to be with my mom. Sometimes she sits in the backyard with me and I sleep in the sun. We did that today for like hours, though I think it was really only a few minutes. I was rolling around and she was sitting on the patio in the shade. I took a little nap. Then dad came out with the brush and I had to get brushed. I don’t like getting brushed.

I haven’t chewed anything in the house except my guys. I’m allowed to chew them and I do. I had a guy named Jax. He was really cool and had like five separate squeakers. I killed all of them! Jax is gone now and I’m sad.

I did do some stuff to the couch that mom didn’t like but I don’t really remember what it was.

When mom and dad would go out I used to get in my house, or kennel, and they’d shut the door. I don’t like that at all. I tried to dig my way out but it’s really hard to dig through the metal on the bottom. So then I started trying to chew my way through the bars. Dad said one day after they got home and I got out, look at the bars on the door. Were they always bent like that?

Then mom got worried. She was looking at the bars and running her hands along them and I guess they had teeth marks and stuff and then she said how could he do that? They’re metal. I guess I’m just really strong.

Then she said, well, we have to do something different because I don’t want to come home and him have figured out how to break the bars and then he impales himself.

I’m pretty sure the him that she was talking about was me since Justin isn’t here right now.

I’m not sure what impale is but I think it’s bad.

So before mom and dad went out today mom sat down on the floor with me and I sat down next to her. I knew they were going out. They always brush their teeth before they go out. Mom also has her purse. And they’re usually dressed differently than when they’re just hanging around the house. Like mom puts shoes on and stuff.

We were sitting there on the floor and she said that they were going to trust me and that I had to be a good boy.

I’m not really sure what would happen if I’m not a good boy. I wonder if they’d give me back. I always try to be a good boy. Mom says that no body ever really taught me how to be a good boy and that she knows I am one. But we had the talk anyway.

I really didn’t want them to leave but mom says she always comes back to Cooper and she does.

They left and I watched out the window in mom’s office. I barked a couple of times and then I wasn’t sure if that was being a good boy or not so I decided to just say it a bunch of times.

I am a good boy I am a good boy I am a good boy I am a good boy I am a good boy I am a good boy I am a good boy I am a good boy I am a good boy

And you know what? I was! I didn’t even do anything to the couch. When mom came back about a hundred years later, she said I was a very good boy. And I got a cookie.

Good boy equals cookie. I can do that. 

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