Someday we'll build a house

by Lorin Michel Sunday, October 13, 2013 1:25 AM

One of the things that Kevin and I love to do is dream of things we really want to do. We don’t dream of traveling to far off lands though we wouldn’t mind traveling more than we do. We do dream of traveling to wine country, which we’ll be doing again in December with Roy and Bobbi. We dream of making our own wine, which we’re also doing. We dream of building a house on a hill, overlooking the desert, with a wall of glass and a view that spans nearly 300º, from sunrise to sunset.

We often spend Saturdays visiting open houses for ideas on what we can do when we eventually build said dream house. We look at layout and tile and bathroom fixtures and kitchen appliances. We don’t look at décor because we’re really not interested in that. We like single stories because we think the use of space is better. We like how a single story flows from room to room, logically and often perfectly.

We visit model homes as well. This is actually a favorite past-time because you can go through three or four houses at one time. No one lives in these homes so we can really spend time and study and question and wonder. It’s interesting the people we’ve met in model homes. There was one in Moorpark several years ago; I think it was the Highlands. The single story had a perfect layout. A courtyard that opened into an entrance way that bled into a living/family room and kitchen. To the right were the bedrooms, with two on one side and the master down a hallway on the other side. A courtyard separated them. It was lovely. If we’d truly been in the market for a house, we would have bought it. There was an older couple there who had purchased one and they were studying the appliances, the layout, the finishes. We struck up a conversation and they were so excited for us to buy a house and live in the neighborhood.

Needless to say we didn’t acquiesce.

We visit antique malls in search of nothing in particular and the perfect piece. We visited one today called the Antique Presidio. It was frightening. I had never been in a place that was so completely crammed with stuff. You didn’t even know where to look. There were aisles that were blocked; we couldn’t even walk down them to see what treasures might be hidden though I doubt there were any. We saw none, largely because we couldn’t see a thing. It was the kind of place I expected to find a body, long deceased and decomposed, a skeleton, lost in and amongst the junk. We didn’t. Still, the place was a sight to be seen and experienced. We wedged ourselves between aisles and around corners. And finally burst from the front doors, thankful for the escape.

We went to tile stores, two of them, to see what we might put on a floor, porcelain or travertine or slate. We liked porcelain the best. We looked at granite and chose some that we liked. We went to a lighting store and dreamed of the types of sconces and ceiling fans and outdoor lanterns and entrance way drop downs that we might get, someday, eventually.

We did this because someday we’ll build a house, and we have to be ready. Of course, by then there will be all new tiles and fixtures and lighting, even antiques from which to choose so we’ll have to do it all over again and again. That’s OK. It’s part of the fun. It’s part of the dream. 


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