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by Lorin Michel Monday, April 8, 2013 11:41 PM

Every once in a while the conversations in the Michel household turn to wistful wonderings about things we will never know. These conversations are almost inevitably started by the mister part of the house and always digress into discussions on what he wishes he could somehow find out. We talk and twist our way into a conclusion that invariably concludes that he will probably never know but we have the discussions anyway and they are usually quite interesting in a Groundhog Day kind of way.

A digression: Don’t you just love how Groundhog Day, an actually charmingly amusing little Bill Murray flick, has become synonymous with the same thing happening over and over and over again with the thing never getting resolved?

OK. I’m back.

Today’s Groundhog Day conversations happened because of Cooper. Somehow we were talking about his past and how we’ll never know anything about how he was raised, where, or by whom. This led to a conversation about Maguire and how we got him at 8 weeks old but from the Agoura Animal Shelter and how we couldn’t believe that someone had actually found him in their bushes, here in Oak Park, and had taken him to the pound rather than keep him.

That’s the story we were told at the shelter when Kevin discovered him that fateful Saturday morning in February 1997. He was 10 pounds of rolling, bouncing fur, the cutest thing Kevin had ever seen, and then the cutest thing I had ever seen. We wanted to know how he came to be at the pound, alone. Often times, a mother and her pups will end up at a shelter, or a litter of pups will end up at the pound because someone is trying to get rid of them. But one lonely puppy seemed odd.

Did I mention he was cute?

We could hardly believe he was still available for adoption. Turns out he couldn’t be adopted for two more days because someone had just dropped him off on Friday and they had to wait three days in case someone owned him and came looking for him. The shelter staff said that the person who brought him in found him behind some bushes somewhere in Oak Park. It didn’t make sense to us then; it doesn’t make sense to us now. And it haunts Kevin.

Me being me and a believer in everything happening for a reason as well as when it’s supposed to long ago decided that he was there on that Saturday because he was meant for us. He had been found because we were supposed to be with him and he was supposed to be with us. That’s how my mind works.

Kevin’s mind spins differently. While my mind hotrods forward on my 255/55R19s, Kevin’s got the big studded tires climbing mountains in four-wheel drive. He digs it out; he obsesses. I just go with it. He needs to know the answer to a question that we will never know. How did Maguire, who wasn’t Maguire at the time, come to be at the shelter? Who found him? Was he actually found or was he a present for someone who decided they didn’t really want a puppy because puppies are a lot of work? Was he tossed aside? Did he escape from someone’s yard? Was he really found in Oak Park? How could someone throw him away?

Usually I’m the control freak in our family. When we’re going somewhere, I need to know how we’re getting there. On Saturdays, I need to know what we’re doing for the day even if we’re not doing anything. I like to know what I’m making for dinner so I can think on it, mull, and do it differently than I’ve done it before. I plan; I control.

Kevin is much more easy-going, except when he’s not. He plans things because he has to for work or for when he’s building something. But he can get on the motorcycle and just go without needing to know where he’s going or how he’ll get there.

But when it comes to Maguire, he needs to know. I suspect it’s because he never will.

He also wonders about the Kennedy Assassination and the grassy knoll and what really happened; if it’s what the government has long concluded or if there was really someone else shooting other than Lee Harvey Oswald.

He wonders who killed Roger Rabbit, if there really were aliens in Roswell, New Mexico, and if the Skunk Works plant in Burbank, where they built the SR-71 spy plane, is still operational even though supposedly it isn’t.

He wants to know these things. And who am I to discourage his curiosity? Maybe someday, if he looks long enough and finds the people who have the answers, he’ll find out how Maguire got to the shelter. After all, at the end of Groundhog Day, there was a change. There was resolution. Bill Murray got the girl. Maybe there’s hope that Kevin will get the story on the puppy, the wondrous little ball of fluff who grew up to become Maguire. 

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4/13/2013 7:15:13 AM #

You will always 'celebrate' Maguire and the luv that he was.

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