Back to school: observations from outside

by Lorin Michel Saturday, August 25, 2012 9:37 PM

Guest post by Squire Squirrel

The squire here, coming to you live and in-squirrel on Saturday from the corner of Hey Kevin’s house in the backyard. I feel like I should have a microphone and a film crew. That’s what the guys on the news have. I watch the news sometimes, looking in through the screen door when it’s dark and Hey Kevin and Hey Lorin have gone to bed and have the TV on. They watch something called Eyewitness News 7, and I can hear them making funny comments about some of the stories. That makes it hard for me to hear what’s going on. I’d say Shhhhhh but I’m not sure they’d hear me and I don’t know what it would sound like cause I’m, you know, a squirrel.

I wonder if Shhhhhh is one of those universal language words. I’ll have to try it next time.

I liked the stories this week about the kids going back to school. There seem to be a lot of happy parents out there who are counting the days until their pups go back into something called a classroom. I think the parents are kind of tired of the kids not doing very much and sometimes getting into trouble. The parents don’t even seem to mind spending money, they’re so excited about the kids going back. I just like watching all of them walk by in the morning with their backpacks on their backs or wheels which actually makes them wheelpacks I guess.

When Hey Justin lived here, his parents always liked it when he went back to school cause it gave him something to do during the day and even at night. Now that Hey Justin doesn’t live here, the back to school thing doesn’t seem as popular. At least not until this morning.

Hey Lorin was still sleeping but Hey Kevin was already out in his house doing something on his computer. Hey Lorin likes to sleep in a little on Saturday but Hey Kevin isn’t a very good sleeper, not like Hey Lorin. I was already up, too, cause I don’t sleep very good in the morning. Mrs. Squirrel, however, could sleep like All. Day. Long.

Hey Kevin came outside with a cup of coffee. He looked up and saw me and nodded his head. “Hey Squire,” he said. Hey Kevin.

Then his cell phone rang but he didn’t have it with him. It must have still be in the bedroom cause I heard Hey Lorin yell HEY KEVY and then Hey Kevin said “what?” and she said “your phone just rang but I couldn’t find it in time to answer it. Maybe it was Justin.”

It was. I heard the message. I think it said something like “Hey dad, it’s me. I’m putting my bed together and I think I might be missing some parts.” I told you they all say “hey” a lot. So then there was a very long conversation about the bed and something called hardware. I always thought a bed was supposed to be soft. They were on the phone for a really long time, with Hey Kevin now in the house and sitting on the stairs and Hey Lorin still in bed but awake and listening to the conversation like me. When Hey Kevin asked her she had looked under the bed to make sure they had gotten all the hardware, she got up and went upstairs. Pretty soon I heard her say that there was nothing under the bed and there was nothing in the closet either. Then she came back down and got her own cup of coffee.

I don’t know what she was looking for under the bed. Usually stuff under the bed is kind of scary. But whatever it was wasn’t there anyway and pretty soon I heard Hey Justin say (cause he was on the speaker phone) “Oh!” like he was really excited. Then he said something like “Great! OK. Thanks, dad. Love ya!” and Hey dad/Kevin said “love you, too. Good luck with school,” and then I remembered that it was back to school for him too, even though he isn’t here anymore.

I sort of miss seeing him trudge off on the first day. But it’s good that he’s in college and learning stuff and stuff like that. I guess back to school means moving forward and making progress.

I heard Hey Lorin say that she kinda misses the kid, and Hey Kevin smiled and said, yeah, he does, too. Then they were quiet and then said “ok. So what do you want to do today?” Back to school has everybody moving forward I guess even when you’re missing somebody. 

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8/26/2012 6:19:12 AM #

Too cute!!! Are the Squire's kids going back to squool ?

Larissa United States

8/27/2012 8:36:56 PM #

Back to squool! I absolutely love that and wish I would have thought of it to include in the post. Or rather, wish the Squire would have thought of it.

That's great stuff. Brought a much needed smile to my face!

Lorin United States

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