Here's what I know: observations from outside

by Lorin Michel Saturday, August 11, 2012 10:36 PM

Guest post by Squire Squirrel

The squire here, just pondering on life in general and people in particular on this very hot Saturday. Usually on a Saturday, I'm leaping between trees, looking for fun things to steal and eat, stopping every once in a while to have a quick chat with a buddy over a drink of sprinkler-puddle. But I just don't have the energy today - plus all the puddles have already disappeared - so I'm hanging in my favorite tree out in the front yard, the big maple with the really big leaves that rustle around me in the breeze and also keep me covered in all kinds of shade. It's not cool but it's comfortable.

Here's what I know:
That when it's hot, people don't like to do anything but stay inside and complain.

That the girl that lives across the street with the little white car seems to have a lot of accidents.

That some people yell for no good reason but that others yell because they're trying to make a point. If you have to yell about it, maybe it's not worth making.

That the lady with the big-time skinny dog yells at her kids all the time especially outside in the driveway.

That dirty laundry is something kids bring home from college or from their apartment. Also that they only wash their cars when their dad says "are you ever going to wash that thing or do I have to do it for you?" Sometimes the kids hand over the keys with a big grin.

That some people are nice and always say hello and wave even when they don't know your name and that others try to run you over.

Me, in the tree, on a hot Saturday

That birds are noisy and don't like to share but that they fly.

That butterflies are free, at least once they stop being caterpillars.

That Dairy Queen isn't actually ice cream but that it melts just as fast and that when it does, it's very tasty. Also, sticky. Hey Kevin used to work at a Dairy Queen when he was a pup. He calls it DQ and he always has a big smile on his face when he talks about it, like he liked working there.

That some people like to work and some people really don't but that everyone has to. Some people, like Hey Lorin, actually like what they do for work and would do it even if they didn't have to which is crazy since it's practically a rule. She calls that a perfect world.

That Cher is kind of fun when she's turning back time. I always liked that song.

That I still really miss my Knight. He was such a big bear of a dude and he used to give me such a hard time when he and I were just pups. Then he got older and he didn't run around as much. It seemed to make him almost smarter. He'd say to me, when we were both out in the backyard and he was down on the ground and I was up in the tree, he'd say: "Squire, here's what I know. When you pick out good people, you can have a good life that almost always includes cheese."

That a perfect world isn't actually possible but that a perfect puddle, a perfect song, a perfect melted DQ and a perfect memory are.

There's the breeze again, moving through my fur and around my ears. That's kind of perfect on a hot day, too. Later it will not be as hot and dogs will get to go for walks and I'll get to watch them and wonder what it's like to walk with a string attached.

Here's what I know about that: when strings are attached, it can be hard to do everything you want. But sometimes doing everything you want isn't what's best. Also, strings hold things together and together is better than apart. That's what I know today.

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8/12/2012 7:02:12 AM #

Awwwww...long live the " Squire " !

On Friday a vet called a prescription in for someone's pet turtle. His name was " Squirtle "...I thought of you and the Squire and smiled the rest of the day.

Larissa United States

8/12/2012 1:09:18 PM #

Squirtle! I love that!

Lorin United States

8/13/2012 6:45:19 AM #

This Squire is very perceptive!

Khris United States

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